20 & 21 APRIL 2018


10.00AM - 6.00PM

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Meet 50+ Top Employers

In HRINCAMPUS’s effort to make job-hunting and talent hiring a more straightforward endeavor for employers and fresh-graduates, we are organizing a Campus Job Fair to connect students directly with employers who are hiring.

The Intercampus Career Fair, which is an offline, direct recruitment platform organized to connect both employers and students, will also serve as an Employer Branding Platform, Youth Outreach Platform, and Campus Recruitment Platform.

Free Career Interest Profiling

Would you like to know yourself better or which career fits your personality best? Discover your interests and how they relate to us!

A “Personal Career Profile” is a self-assessment document that summaries your skills, values, interests, personality traits and other necessary background information. Our career profiling tools are available for a range of circumstances and situations.

The aim is to have everything you have discovered from the self-assessment as a future reference tool for you to decide on the kind of roles that you should gravitate to!

Startup Career Fair

Considering how difficult it is to succeed solely on the advantages of a college degree and the connections made in school, we’re introducing the Startup Career Fair – one of the first of its kind. The Startup Career Fair will feature 20+ Startup Companies who aren’t extended an invitation to big career fairs, but want to get themselves out there in their respective industries.

Startup companies will be showcasing their modus operandi and will also be scouting for fresh talent at the Startup Zone – which is a great opportunity for students and fresh-graduates looking for challenging working environments with an immeasurable ceiling.

Free LinkedIn Portrait Shoot

In this day and age where job-hunting is more laborious than ever, gone are the days where fresh-graduates only needed a solid resume. Students now need a professional online presence on LinkedIn- the only platform that can help you clearly define all your skills & experience.

In an effort to encourage students to sign up for LinkedIn, HRINCAMPUS is offering students the opportunity to have a photo with a professional outlook taken for their LinkedIn profile for free.

On the 8th till the 9th of September 2017, throughout the entire Intercampus Career Fair 2017, students can head over to the LinkedIn Portrait Shoot Booth to have their photos taken for later use on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes to give you a more professional appeal.

Working in Singapore

For the longest time, the prospect of kick-starting a career in Singapore where opportunities lay around like landmines has been an idea thrown to the far-flung corner of the room by many for being ‘unrealistic’ or ‘too far fetched at this point of time’.

However, now, a selected group of Malaysians will be given the opportunity to explore exciting career options in Singapore where the industries run rampant with opportunities of exponential career growth. This opportunity is open to candidates looking to pursue a career in Singapore, and existing working professionals with 1-2 years worth of experience under their belt.

So head on down to our “Working in Singapore” booth and speak to the agent in-charge to find out about this opportunity in greater detail!

Basic salary starts from SGD 2,400 onwards. (T&C Apply)

Entrepreneurs' Hub

In light of the ‘entrepreneurship craze’ that has taken the world by storm, we’re introducing the Entrepreneurs’ Hub; a platform for aspiring & self-made entrepreneurs to network among one another. 

This platform will serve as handbook for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses but have no idea on going about fundings, the many challenges of being an entrepreneur, and how to make an attention-worthy USP in the oversaturated startup scene. 

The Entrepreneurs’ Hub is the perfect place for entrepreneurs and like-minded people to share ideas, discuss hurdles & problems, come up with solutions to industry problems and endeavour in mutually beneficial collaborations. 

Join the community today and learn, share and exchange industry tips, learn how to differentiate glass from diamonds; to differentiate a worthwhile endeavour from one that will just blow up in smoke- learn from the mistake of others.

Mentor Hot Seats

Career Insights: Speak directly to someone who has been there and done that. This 30 minute informal chat can cover any career topic such as industry and employer insights, job search help and career assessment.

Practice Interview: Practice makes perfect and having a practice session with a former/ current employee that has been through the ringer can really help you boost communication and confidence!

Resume Tips: Get feedback and tips from professionals working in the industry/company. Learn how to improve your CV or cover letter so it can stand out and help land you that interview!

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